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POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


Scoring ability - Very aggressive confident player. Always on attack, loves to get down hill and is crafty

Athleticism - Quick first step, fluid, agile and can make plays at the rim

Mentality - Has a scorers mentality and can score in bunches

Shooting - Loves the pull up game and can shoot off the dribble

Passing - Drive and kick point guard with good vision

Transition - Excels in scoring in transition and has the creativity to avoid defenders

Motor - Very active and always on attack. Follows his own misses

Drawing fouls - Aggressive attacking style keeps pressure on defense and teams in foul trouble

Creativity - Crafty scorer, uses floater, hesitation moves and ball handling to get baskets.

Size - Decent size for a point guard, broad shoulders and a frame that can add bulk


Shot selection - His confidence and lead to tough contested shots early in shot clock

Over penetrating - Has a tendency to drive deep into traffic with out a plan B. 

Pounding the ball - Has possessions where he over dribbles and teammates get caught watching








BARLOWE - , 2017





Athleticism- Explosive athlete. Plays above the rim with ease. Elite burst with the ability to shift gears in transition and the half court. Very fast with the ball in his hands. Can beat a man that goes under the screen to the spot on the other side. Strong with the ball

Downhill attacking- Always looking to attack the defense. Looks to get to the rim early and often and can finish with either hand. Draws fouls in bunches.  Very difficult to contain in the open floor. Attacks coming off screens and close outs strongly, particularly to his left. 

Off the dribble shooting- Can be streaky but is effective in the midrange off the bounce. His shooting form is smoother off the dribble than in catch and shoot situations. Uses his handle and screens to gain separation to pull up. Recognizes when a defender is giving him too much space

PNR scoring- Runs his man into the screen and uses his speed to turn the corner on the hedge. Utilizes hesitation to freeze his defender then goes to the rim or steps back for a jumper. 

Mentality- He is relentless. Plays hard and is physical on both sides of the ball. The type of guy other players will rally around. By all accounts, he practices as hard as he plays. 

Defense- Good motor and moves well. Applies strong ball pressure and fights hard through screens. 



Size- While he’s not small, he doesn’t have great size or length. It will limit his versatility defensively

Spot up shooting- He’s a streaky shooter that doesn’t seem comfortable with catching and firing. Hesitates on shots he should be taking. His form and release points, while already not great, can also be inconsistent

Discipline- Can flirt with the line between aggressive and out of control. Has spells of poor shot selection. His athleticism can overpower his skill on his drives the rim, leading to erratic shots. Refining his floater and using it more could help ease this. Hunts for the highlight with his passing at times. 

Floor generalship- Lacks natural point guard instincts. Isn’t a bad passer but doesn’t see plays before they develop for his teammates. Lacks a degree of patience that he could use occasionally to temper his aggression. Can overdribble. 


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