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BIRTHDATE: 8/18/98

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 235 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 10.45.51


  • Versatile inside/outside combo forward

  • Good shooter from 3 (39% in over 70 games)

  • Effective in the post, especially vs smaller defenders

  • Can beat slower bigs off the dribble and attack closeouts

  • Soft touch around the rim off both shoulders

  • Good feel for the game/basketball IQ

  • Strong court vision and passing instincts 

  • Good at finding shooters out of the post

  • Could specialize in NBA as a pick & pop 4, ball mover

  • Effective off the ball cutter

  • Defensive versatility with shot blocking, switching and steals

  • Good athlete with long wingspan


  • Good but not great, explosive athlete

  • Does not get to free throw line enough

  • Will need to improve free throw shooting

  • Creating his own shoot on the wing

  • Must get stronger

  • Turnovers and assists are nearly identical

  • Tweener

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