BIRTHDATE: 2/28/98

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Michigan State

CLASS: Senior


  • High IQ playmaker/ Good decision maker

  • Poised and patient

  • Plays under control

  • Tough/Fearless

  • Makes defenses pay for going under screens

  • Very good shooter on multiple levels

  • Shoots well on the move, off the dribble and spots up

  • Career 43% shooter from 3

  • Very good free throw shooter

  • Crafty scorer

  • Shifty ball handler that changes speeds and directions 

  • Makes up for lack of burst by getting low and driving through defenders

  • Pick & roll specialist

  • Makes passes with both hands

  • Good at making the late pass at the last second to find cutters

  • Makes up for lack of physical tools with smarts

  • Winning intangibles


  • Lacks ideal athleticism

  • May struggle finishing vs NBA length

  • One position defender

  • For some odd reason poor numbers in transition

  • May have issues beating athletic defenders to the rim

  • Lacks vertical pop


Scouting Notes


Rafael Barlowe -