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BIRTHDATE: 4/18/97

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'9"

WEIGHT: 247 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


*Very strong, wide frame with exceptional length

*TOUGH player who embraces physicality

 *Average athlete who lacks lateral quickness/explosive leaping

 *Despite not being a top athlete, runs the floor hard and plays with a high motor

 *Good hands, able to catch tough passes on the move

 *Great finisher around the rim, initiates contact and can finish through it

 *Patient with a very soft touch

 *Effective on the break, gets down the court quickly then clears space and makes himself a big target

 *Also provides value as a trailer from 3

 *Solid mechanics on his jump shot, especially on standstill shots

 *Struggles with jump shooting on the move from all levels

 *Can shoot out to NBA range, has the touch to improve his midrange. PNP threat

 *Skilled enough to attack closeouts

 *Good outlet passer, can grab and go off the defensive glass a bit himself

 *Very good passer for his position

 *Finds cutters when in the post

 *Sees shooters on the weakside and hits them in the shooting pocket

 *Big to big passing potential

 *Attacks the offensive glass, boxes out

 *Adept at shifting around the paint to open up passing lanes to get the ball

 *Doesn't make much contact on screens

 *Slips early looking for the ball

 *Has the touch to finish shots in traffic around the rim on the roll or to hit the 3 when he pops

 *Has good footwork when releasing his picks into a roll/pop

 *Is a load to handle in the post

* Establishes a strong base and uses his wingspan to create a big target for the entry pass

 *Comfortable on both blocks, finishing with both hands

 *Uses a combination of power, footwork and a soft touch to score in the post

 *A little more comfortable turning his left shoulder than his right

 *Likes to jump hook in the middle of the floor from the left block

 *Drop step to the rim on the right block

 *Budding face up game


*Despite a lack of quickness, isn't terrible in space. Works hard

 *Gives a cushion that helps him stay in front of people while still being close enough to contest the jumper

 *Keeps his hands up while guarding on the perimeter

 *Prefers to take an extra step towards the rim in help defense

 *Slow to closeout and gets beat pretty consistently if he has to cover too much ground

 *Sinks to about the free throw line on high PNR

 *Steps further out on side PNRs

 *Struggles vs pick and pop

 *Commits too hard to the ballhandler and leaves the PNP big open or sinks too deep and can't recover to his man

 *Will battle for post position

 *Solid post defender vs back to the basket moves

 *Struggles vs the face up. People drive by him

 *Good when he keeps his hands up, can reach over and pick up fouls

 *Will take charges

 *Not much of a rim protector, doesn't deter people from going to the rim


Caleb Swanigan is a big strong wide body post player who's been unstoppable his second season in college. He's been a glass eater - averaging over 12 rebounds per game...Deceptive quickness on the block......Tough to stop once he establishes post position.....Facing a lot of double and triple teams this season.....Finishes with both hands around the rim......Active running motor - Fights for low post position every possession...

Has developed into a good shooter and floor spacer....Nice fluidity in hips out of jab series.....Is a threat to Pick & Pop out to college 3 point line

Shooting 45% from 3 while attempting two 3FGA per game....Lacks explosiveness which will lead to a lot of shots blocked at the rim...

Shoots high 70's low 80's from the free throw line.....Major improvements from freshman season....

Turnover prone, but could be due to facing double and triple teams all season...Can score off action plays which will free him up for jump shots

Has a tendency to bring ball down low and get stripped...


Caleb Swanigan is big body in the mold of Zach Randolph. He's got a motor that allows for him to average 12 rebounds per game in 14 games. He uses his body to rebound and gain position well. Swanigan has great touch around the basket and is a load to defend. He shoots the college 3 at high clip. 


Unfortunately for Swanigan, he's a dinosaur in a league that wants unicorns. He was probably born 10 years too late. While he moves well in transition, his lateral quickness is pretty poor and he would struggle to defend high PNR. Even if he does seal his defender under the basket, he will still struggle to finish over length due to his non existent leaping ability. Will have to develop into the Jared Sullinger mold of big body guys in today's NBA. 


Lumbering big


Plays way below the rim

Uses body well to rebound 

Good footwork 

Great touch around the basket 


Runs the floor 

Shoots a high clip from the college 3


Dinosaur in a league transitioning to unicorns 

Born 10 years too late

Will struggle with length if he can't outmuscle his defender

Lateral quickness non existent 

Probably will be toast in the PNR


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