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BIRTHDATE: 8/15/98

POSITION: Power Forward/Center

HEIGHT: 6'10"

WEIGHT: 245 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Maryland

CLASS: Sophomore


Athleticism - Very good above the rim athlete with fluidity in hips, agility and quick first step and second jump

Length - Measured at 6'11" and reported to have a 7'4" wingspan

Rebounding - Active on offensive and defensive glass

Rim Protection - Above average shot blocking instincts and ability to protect the paint

Energy - Plays with an active motor, fights to get position in post and attacks offensive glass

Face Up Game - Potential as a face up 5 man with a quick first step to beat defenders to the rim

Running the floor - Has speed and agility to outrun most bigs and succeed as a rim runner


Raw - Offensive skill package is still unrefined, must improve overall feel for the game and use left hand

Foul prone - Averaging over 3 fouls per game

Post moves - Only uses right hand, struggles on non dunk finishes around the rim. Exclusively looking to get back to right hand

Passing - Only looks to iso on the low post, has only 9 assists total entering conference play

Left hand - Right hand dominant at this point in his career. 


Bruno Fernando is another surprising prospect who has shot up NBA draft boards with upside and stellar play during the non conference schedule. The freshman from Angola has quickly made a name for himself with his shot blocking, athleticism and potential as a two way player.

Fernando is a high energy player that projects to be a pick & roll threat, rim runner and possibly as face up 4 or 5. He has the athleticism to make plays above the rim and the shooting touch to become a threat in the post. Right now he doesn't have the shooting range to stretch the floor, but he has good mechanics on his shot and is solid from the foul line at 71%. He's a fluid athlete with the potential to be a great face up player once he becomes automatic as a shooter due to his excellent first step and solid footwork. Fernando struggles as a post player because he lacks consistent touch around the rim on non dunk finishes and is always looking to get back to his right hand.

His overall feel for the game and IQ must improve as his turnovers nearly triple his assist numbers. He's also foul prone and has had 6 out of 16 games where he collected  four fouls. 



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