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BIRTHDATE: 8/15/96

POSITION: Combo Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 205 lbs


CLASS: Sophomore


Size/ Length - Undersized 2 guard who uses great length to compensate; Strong frame; Length allows him to guard taller players

Athleticism - Explosive athlete who finishes easily above the rim in space, able to catch lobs; Relies mostly on his first step and speed

Transition game - Starts the break often with his defense; Can make basic reads in transition as a passer

Attacking the rim - Downhill attacker who is always trying to get to the rim

Finishing in traffic - Decent finisher in traffic, capable of highlight dunks but misses some layups

Cutting - Recognizes ballwatching and overplaying defense and will cut backdoor

Rebounding - Crashes the glass well for a guard, starts the break

Defense- Multi-positional defender; Keeps a great stance on ball; Slides his feet well, beats his man to the spot; Can frustrate players with his ball denial; Hard to screen, stays low and fights through them; Stays on the hip of the ballhandler when they get a step on him and keeps his hands up to disturb passing lanes; Recognizes when he should switch

Effort plays - Can stay in front of the quicker guards and gets a good contest on pull ups;  Keeps his hands up and active when defending on ball

Team Defender- Establishes good help defense positioning; Stays connected to shooters navigating off ball action


Offensive IQ - Can get too deep into the defense and create tougher shots for himself

Mid Range Game - Needs to work on his floater to give himself more options on the drive; Doesn’t have an in-between game, most never pulls up 

Ball Handling - Average ballhandler, capable of running the break but doesn’t have the creativity to break down opponents in the halfcourt

Shooting - Capable spot up shooter, good when left open but inconsistent overall; Struggles pulling up off the dribble, his mechanics and footwork are inconsistent

Pick & Roll -Doesn’t run his man off ball screens, tends to leave early before the pick is set; Best as a PNR ballhandler in the middle of the floor, struggles on side PNR; Pretty good going away from the pick ;Doesn’t play with pace coming off the screen, limits his passing lanes to his roll man

Passing - Can find the shooters on the weakside but doesn’t put the ball in the shooting pocket


Bruce Brown has great size for a PG. He's a very good athlete with good pace to his game. He's got a ton of potential as a defender. 


His shot selection is questionable and his jumper is pretty shaky. I don't know what he can hang his hat on offensively. He's got no in between game right now and he doesn't finish all that well at the rim. 



Good size for a combo guard

Good athlete with good pace




Questionable shot selection 

Shaky jump shooter

No in between game

Misses a lot of layups 

​​​​​​JAMES BARLOWE - MARCH 6, 2017

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