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POSITION: Power Forward/Center

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 215 lbs


CLASS: Junior

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  • Explosive, agile and quick twitch athlete with strong frame. Has the pop, explosion and burts teams covet 

  • Defined NBA role as rim runner, lob threat and P&R roll man

  • Runs the floor and finishes plays in transition

  • Has shown the ability to put the ball on the floor vs slower defenders

  • Makes plays above the rim and looks to finish strong in traffic

  • Excellent motor and energy 

  • Soft hands and can catch passes above the rim and in tight spaces

  • Displays decent touch around the rim, loves to shoot a soft baby hook off the left shoulder

  • Very efficient scorer 

  • Excellent shot blocker and potential as a switch defender

  • Has a quick second jump that allows him to get rebounds and change shots

  • Loves to attack the offensive glass

  • Aggressive and plays strong and through contact


  • His game is more suited to play center than power forward

  • Undersized for his position

  • Not really a threat to stretch the floor

  • Free throw shooting

  • Will be 23 at the start of NBA season

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