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BIRTHDATE: 1/12/96

POSITION: Small Forward

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Notre Dame 

CLASS: Senior


Length - 7ft wingspan makes up for lack of height
Soft Touch - Uses push shot when he can’t get all the way to the rim/backboard; Great touch around the rim
Shooting - Can shoot the 3 comfortably
Rebounding - Great rebounder in spite of size ; Uses quick second jump to grab offensive rebounds
Post Game - Has an array of moves in the post jump hooks off left shoulder, fade aways off both; Takes advantage of guards when they switch
Footwork - Great footwork out of the mid post, you have to respect his jab and first step
Passing - Good passer out of the post and when defenses collapse on his dribble. Can also make DHO reads
Agility - Should have the mobility to defend on the perimeter


Height - Is he 6’5”?
Shooting consistency - Will have to prove his consistency from the perimeter as he won’t be posting up as much in the NBA
Conditioning - Doesn’t rim run and would rather trail and set drag screens
Defense - He isn’t a dog on defense, gives enough effort
Potential - 4 year guy with perceived limited upside




There might not be a more non traditional returning post player in a Power 5 Conference in the country than Bonzie Colson. With the NBA trending smaller and with the success of Draymond Green and all his brothers (James Johnson, Paul Millsap, Jabari Parker and now every SF that can’t shoot,) Colson might have come around at the perfect time.

Bonzie is built like the comedian Anthony Anderson but listed at 6’5” with a 7 foot reach. He’s quick enough to beat slower bigs off of the dribble and also strong enough to bully and smaller guys on the block. Starting with his post game, Colson has great touch around the basket. Most guys his size spend the majority of their time facing up but Colson indeed does bang. He’s developed a nice fade away off of both shoulders. From the mid post, he’s got a mean jab he uses to misdirect defenders for either a pull up or a drive to the basket. If he misses on the block or a driving layup, Colson has a quick second jump to get rebounds usually resulting in a trip to the foul line. At the third level, he’s a capable 3 point shooter. Coach Mike Brey runs an offense predicated on spacing and reads and Colson is a good passer. He recognizes what play to make in dribble handoff situations. He also sees the floor well out of the post. Defensively, he should have the coveted ability to guard multiple positions and potentially protect the rim.

It’s hard not to like Colson and they game is becoming tailor made for guys like him but he’s still 6’5” if that. With him being a senior, he’s automatically going to be looked over by a lot of GMs though he can play. Colson has shot the ball well from 3 percentage wise, but he’s not a high volume 3 point shooter. If he’s truly a 43% shooter, then it’s a major plus. But the jury is still out on his ability to stretch the floor. My biggest concern with Colson is that he seems to be way out of shape and not because he has a belly. He very rarely rim runs and you can catch him lagging behind to set a drag screen in transition. I think his conditioning is the reason why he’s not a dog on defense, too. He’s good for the occasional strong side blocked shot, but these come few and far between. And while Colson can take advantage of switches with smaller guards, will he have success against a Milwaukee Bucks type team that switches everything?




Here is a breakdown of Colson's possessions over 2016-17 season

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