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BIRTHDATE: 11/16/99

POSITION: Power Forward/Center

HEIGHT: 7'3"

WEIGHT: 245 lbs


CLASS: Freshman

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  • Excellent length and size at 7'3' with a 7'6" wingspan 

  • Mobile and agile for his size

  • Very skilled offensive player that can score in a variety of ways

  • Inside/Outside threat 

  • Soft shooting touch with range that extends out to NBA 3 point line

  • Nice face up game from mid post

  • Uses both hands around the basket. Has jump hook and fadeaway as his go to moves around the rim

  • Solid footwork

  • Excellent shot blocker with good instincts and timing

  • Has a quick jump even though with his length and size he doesn't need to jump

  • Good ball handler and possesses the skills to put the ball on the floor 

  • Solid rebounder

  • Has some playmaking ability 


  • Very thin and narrow frame that won't be able to add much weight or muscle

  • Struggles finishing through contact due to lack of strength

  • Weak screener. Rarely makes contact on screens

  • Does not like physical play

  • Has a tendency to settle for 3's. Especially if he's pushed off the block

  • Motor and mean streak are inconsistent. Shows flashes of playing with a lot of energy and toughness but it comes and goes

  • Prone to disappearing for long stretches of games

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