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BIRTHDATE: 12/9/97

POSITION: Combo Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 190 lbs


CLASS: Junior


Athleticism - Good athlete who is reliant upon his speed/quickness

Transition game - He is very fast in the open floor; Majority of points came in transition

Defensive potential - Has the quickness to pressure the ball and beat his man to the spot; Gives good effort on ball and keeps his hands active

Shooting - Good pull up jumper from both elbows coming off the screen; 

Attacking close outs - Able to attack closeouts effectively with a 1-2 dribble pull up

Size - Has the size and length to defend both guard spots as he gets stronger;


Control/Decision-making - Jones is turnover prone in relation to the amount of assists he generates; Passing when going top speed

Shot selection - He can become reckless with his shot selection

Left hand - Almost never drives left with the intention of getting to the rim.

Off the ball defense - He gets caught by off ball screens due to ball watching

Defensive Awareness - Has a habit of overpursuing and giving up drives/dribble jumpers. He is late to react when his man is the screener and moves into another action and has a bad habit of going under DHOs vs shooters and giving up open looks.


Andrew Jones came into Austin as one of two highly regarded McDonald's All American's (Jarrett Allen was the other) Shaka Smart kept in the state of Texas. While Allen ended up being a 1st round pick in the 2017 draft, Jones had a solid freshman on an underachieving Texas teams that finished 11-22 and 4-14 in conference play. After the season Jones tested the waters for the NBA draft, but ultimately decided to come back for his sophomore season where he'll team with potential top 5 pick Mo Bamba. 

Jones is a tough prospect for me to gage. There's a lot to like about what he brings to the table with his size, athleticism and speed, but I don't know what he excels at and what his defined role will be in NBA. His size and frame at 6'4 would be ideal for a point guard.... if Jones were a true point guard. While he does show good court vision and is an adequate passer (3.5 assists per game) I just don't see him as a playmaker. On paper his assists to turnovers (2.5) were decent but the eye test tells a different story. He reminds me of Jaylen Brown coming out of Cal, in the fact you can see the talent and potential but there's more potential than actual skill. Jones is a good athlete, but doesn't have the strength, wingspan and explosiveness that Brown possessed to overcome his lack of skill and polish. 

Jones was better playing off the ball and is best used as a scorer off the dribble. He's got a nice handle, good feet, shifty and changes direction well but does not really wow me with his creativity. Some games he looks like a shooter then other games his shot looks shaky at best. He's more comfortable shooting off the dribble than he is as a set shooter. As a freshman, Jones shot 42.5% from the floor and 32.8% from behind the arc while most of his possessions and points came in transition. He has the foot speed, quickness and creativity to be special in transition once he improves finishing through contact. Overall, individually Jones had a good freshman season and showed enough potential to be considered as a 1st round draft pick. 

Going into his sophomore season, I'd like to see Jones improve his 3 point shooting, get stronger and become better and more efficient as a pick & roll ball handler. In my opinion if he's going to excel as combo guard in NBA, he'll have to be a either a deadly outside shooter or elite level defender. 



Here is a breakdown of Jones' possessions over the 2016-17 season



Good size and length for an NBA point guard

Thin but should fill out

Good athlete, very fast in the open floor

Shows flashes of being a dangerous transition creator/attacker

Can get out of control when at top speed

A bit turnover prone

Will force some tough shots and passes

A solid ballhandler who relies on his first step or an initial crossover move to get a step then lets his speed get him to the rim

Right hand dominant

Show ability to finish in traffic but needs to get stronger and work on his patience near the rim

Could eventually draw a good amount of FTAs for his position

Doesn't have an effective floater

Effective in actions on the right side of the floor or starting at the top of the key and heading to his right

Really struggles to finish on the left side of the floor

Almost never goes to the left baseline

Generally maintains good spacing when off ball

Shifts around the perimeter as the ballhandler moves to open up passing lanes

Keeps hands up and knees bent when spotting up

Average in catch and shoot situations

Doesn't get much lift on his shot and shoots on the way up

Has an inconsistent release point but it trends low

Capable of attacking the closeout with drives to the rim and dribble pull ups (Middle/Right)

Runs his man into the screen in PNR

Shows flashes of good vision hitting the roll man

Doesn't yet collapse the defense and see the crosscourt shooter

Can pass with both hands but doesn't consistently hit the pocket

Very good pull up jumper from both elbows coming off the screen

Gets much better lift on his pull up jumper and has a quick release

Tends to push the shot when contested strongly




Has the size to eventually defend both guard spots

Good effort on ball and will follow the play even when beat

Quick enough to beat a ballhandler to the spot when defending in space

Keeps his hands active but doesn't have great timing for steals/blocks

Fights through ball screens more often than not but occasionally dies on them or tries to go under which give the ballhandler a run at the rim or open jumper

Susceptible to a ballhandler going away from the screen

Gets caught by off ball screens due to ball watching

When his man sets a screen and moves, he is late to react

Has a habit of overpursuing after getting held up on a screen

Goes under on DHOs on shooters and gives up open looks

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