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BIRTHDATE: 7/25/02


HEIGHT: 6'9"


TEAM: Teksüt Bandirma


Draft Projection

Height: 6–9

Current Team: TekSut Bandırma (also rumors about Besiktas Sompo Japan and Fenerbahce Beko)

Notable Stats

He averaged 6.6 points, 3.2 rebounds, 0.7 blocks while shooting 48.0% from the court and 31.6%

(0.4/1.2) from the 3PTS at BCL.


Alperen started the basketball thanks to his father & ex-teammate Salim Tasli. Salim Taslı, who came

to Giresun after living in the USA, was training the 1994 generation. Alperen's brother was in that

generation. Alperen went to his older brothers training when he was eight years old. He got used to

basketball during training. While playing in Giresun, Banvit's officer Ahmet Gürgen likes him in a

tournament called "Youth Festival". In the next 10 days, Alperen goes to Banvit. At the age of 17 and

18, Alperen played in important leagues such as BCL and BSL. He watches videos of Hakeem

Olajuwon and Tim Duncan's post games. His favorite team in the NBA is Los Angeles Lakers. His

favorite players are Kevin Durant and Nikola Jokic. His favorite food is chicken. His favorite series and

movies are Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter. He wants to be a coach after retirement (current



This is one of my favorite things about Sengun. Alperen experienced a high-level basketball at the age

of 17. He fought against strong and notable bigs at BCL and BSL. He did not stop fighting these

matches. I think his motor is not always active, but when games prepare for him, skips several levels

as mental strength/focus.

Physical Tools

Alperen Sengun will be 18 years old on July 25, but I think the tools he has physically show him

before his age. His upper body is strong. His shoulders are wide and muscular. There is stiffness in his

core and chest. You can see the clearest example of this with his aggressive and smart plays in the

painted area against defensive line. 6-9 AS lower body is strong but heavy. Cumbersome. He does not

have the best footwork in the world, but not bad. Thanks to hip mobility, Sengun can reverse around

the base. He does not have a perfect spin, but he has enough for take advantage of creates step line. I

am not a big fan of his vertical pop and lateral movement. In my opinion, Sengun knows how to finish

around the basket, but he does not use a perfect vertical pop while doing it. He usually uses rim or

classic layups. AS not bad laterally, especially in the half-court offense. However, lateral movement in

defense is bad. I think he should improve about that.


My favourite thing about his offense is finishing around the basket. In my opinion, Sengun is one of

the smartest finishers of his generation. Even though he does not have much pop in the paint,

Sengun has soft, smart and certain touch with either hand, can take contact and quick release. Also,

easy roll option in the pick & roll and even though he doesn’t get up high for lobs/dunks, Sengun can

finishes them well thanks to his game reading hip mobility and soft touch. I think his finishing timing

also good. He is not someone who will rush a look. ASs touches on runners and floaters are soft - full



My biggest question mark about his offense is shooting. It may be risky to buy Alperen

Sengun's shot for high levels. The three-point shots that Alperen used as a CanCer and pop player

against Wloclawek and Nymburk (01:46 and 01:10, 4th quarter), also a couple of matches, are

promising. Pick & pop threat is not very good. After giving the short roll fake, he uses a mid-range

jumper. When he is close to the basket, he has a good shot. But he has a very bad free throw. This

part constitutes my question marks about his shooting. I think the biggest problem in Alperen's

shooting mechanism is the way the ball goes out of his hand.


His footwork, body control and timing are average during the shot, but I think his shooting acceleration

when ball is out of his hand reduces shooting stability of the ball. He has a difficult style.

That is why I think he has trouble in free throws.


He is able to control his acceleration around the post and mid-range jumpers cause he is in action. In

training programs at the Euroleague or NBA levels, Alperen can turn into a better shoter. He has

potential. I think AS looks like Domantas Sabonis, son of Arvydas Sabonis, before going to the NBA.

He can develop like Sabonis, but it is also very likely that the line of this development will remain



I think his shot question mark. He does a pretty nice thing sing his size against smaller

players around post up. Sets up spin moves, drop sets and fades with bumps on the defensive line

with smartly and softly. I think Alperen knows how and when to use his physical tools and game

reading skills around post-up. I mean, he uses his hip mobility around the post up but not too much.

Usually, he try to push his opponent to the basket and after that he finish the position. In my opinion,

Sengun is not a playmaker. He is a play finisher. When AS with the ball, the ball did not really go back

out. He flashed some passing here and there throughout the season, but nothing that really made

you think it was something he could do consistently every game. Has a good court vision for his size

and age, also, quick decision-maker but overall, read and react passer. I think AS is not a passer who

can create spacing with passing skills or can passing with good timing, CV and sensitivity.


My other question marks about his offense is handling and off-ball motions. Alperen is a center who can take

the ball pass the ball, dribble with the ball thanks to his first step, change direction ability, can finish

in traffic with the ball, shows some flashes shaft moves with the ball and floaters. However, I think

his handle is not good for EL level. He is not someone you want to grab and go on the fast break for

many reasons. Facing up out the post does not sometimes end well. I mean, the ball gets poked free,

he loses the handle/he is called for an offensive fouls. I don’t think Alperen Sengun is particularly

comfortable handling the ball. I am very curious about his off-ball action improvement. Alperen is a

high-energy and effective player where there is action. He makes good roll timing during pick & roll,

after taking the ball, he goes to the basket with a smooth athleticism and find scores.


While in the post zone, he uses his body to pass the opponent. AS can go to the right place at the right time in full

court or transition offenses. However, in the set vs. set lineup on the half-court, he is very ineffective

when he is out of the action. He makes heavy, wrong moves and disrupts the geometry of the team.

He needs to improve on this and remember that he is only 18 years old.


In my opinion, Alperen Sengun needs work all-around defense. However, there are some flashes for

good things. AS knows the team defense. I think he does a nice job covering for his teammates if they

are caught on a screen for a perimeter player going downhill or along the perimeter. This kid knows

where the next rotation is along the perimeter to keep the cover. I think he does a good job rotating

on the interior, though there are games where he may take a bad angle or is late to switch. He is a

smart team defender but. He has not very active with hands tagging, helping, etc I mean not really

big who makes plays out of his zone. I would like to see him keep his hands out a more for active

perimeter defensive line. I think lack of athleticism and vertical pop hurts Sengun in terms of rim

protection. He is a smart positional defender and knows how to use his length-wingspan but he is not

a good rim protector because of lack of vertical pop, defensive energy/effort/motor and footwork.


However, he shows flashes sliding and jumping without delay. I think he plays physically and has

functional strength that he uses in the post zone. He showed some flashes the ability of keeping his

center of gravity. He can transfer energy from the lower body to the muscle mass and width in the

upper body. Shortly, I think his post defense is good. He is an average PnR defender. I think Sengun's

high level game reading helps him to guard handler with quick hands, average lateral quickness and



He sometimes showed that his opponent was able to close dribble and shooting angles. Also,

his active hands helps him to get in the handlers passing line. However, he can sometimes open too

much, I mean, giving a dribble channel to the rim for the handler or roller. Also, his lack of vertical

pop and elite lateral movement hurts him here cause when the handler hits the roller with the

pocket pass, the roller can go to the basket against Sengun's lack of defensive athleticism.


Finally, thanks to hip mobility, he can do a good reverse in screen games from forward to center. He cannot

do this against quick guards or versatile forwards yet. I like his catch & shoot defense. Alperen

went over the open shooter in many games this season and give his bad shot angle. AS reads CnS sets

before the last pass and intervenes in the right place at the right time. While doing these

interventions, he leaves the painted area open, but the opponents time is ending. So clear CnS

defense. He is not a good rim protector but I think Senguns is good around the basket protector.


I mean, he is not a "monster" blocker or something. However, he knows how to protect the basket

against centers, forwards and guards. I think Alperen uses five things very well while doing this.

Firstly, he is that the opponent knows where to attack around the basket and takes his position



Secondly, he can stay in stance against guards and cover ground well.


Thirdly, he is that uses physical tools that can cover baseline and perimeter against versatile forwards.


Fourth, he is in the right place at the right time in help defense.


Fifth, hand-eye coordination. However, end of the day I have three doubts about his defense.


First, motor. Second, vertical pop and lateral movement.

Third, consistent. I think if he can't make progress in these three things, he will create big defects in defense at higher levels.

My major questions?

Will there be score instincts?

Will he be consistent on three-point shots?

Will he be able to close his cons on defense?


Alperen Sengun knows basketball. Disciplined, loves to work. He has good physical tools compared to

his age. Post offensive games, PnR and IQ are impressive. Good around the basket on defense. I don’t

think he will be at the NBA level at the end of the day yet. But he is 18 years old, he has more time to

develop. Therefore, maybe wrong to draw a clear projection right now. There is potential for NBA

but things need to improve: Vertical pop, shooting, defense engine and stability.

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