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BIRTHDATE: 1/17/96

POSITION: Shooting Guard

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 199 lbs


CLASS: Junior


Scoring Ability - Scores in a variety of ways, attacking the rim, FTs, transition and from 3

Athleticism - Good athlete; Deceptive athlete with quick first step can make highlight plays at the rim. Great body control.

Transition game - Excels in transition, ranked among the best in the nation in scoring efficiency 

Finishing - Finishes through contact, uses both hands around the rim

Shooting - Showed great improvement as a shooter in his sophomore season, increased 3 point % from 

Drawing Fouls - Aggressive downhill style of play generates a lot of trips to foul line. Has averaged over 5 FTA for his career


Shot Selection - Very confident in his abilities which leads to taking tough contested shots

Ball Stopper - Has improved passing , but still has a tendency to have tunnel vision and only looking to score..

Size - Undersized for a shooting guard with average wingspan.

NBA role - More of a scorer than shooter, but can score in bunches. 

Turnovers - Near even assist to turnover ratio coming into junior season. Can be turnover prone in isolations situations

Mid range game - Mostly scores on 3's or drives to the rim. Lacking mid range and floater game.

Alonzo Trier is a great athlete with a lot of slashing ability. He's always putting pressure on the defense. He's not a great shooter right now but he's got good mechanics. What I like most about him is that he's always getting to the line (72 attempts in 12 games!!) He's got a good feel for the game in the PNR and changes speeds well. 


His jump shot isn't very consistent and it's really slow. He projects to be a combo guard but if he can't consistently knock down shots, he's going to have to be able to make shots. He could do a better job setting up his defender in PNR. Shooting off the dribble and adding a floater should be top priorities for Trier. 





Great in transition 


Good mechanics on his jumper 

Gets to the foul line



Slow jumper

Jump shot consistency




-Average size and length for an NBA 2 guard

-Deceptive athlete, changes pace a lot so it's hard for defenders to get a read on him

-Gets off the ground quickly when he jumps

-Aggressively seeks out his own shot

-Very good scorer in the open floor

-Able to lead the break but operates mostly as a scorer

-Best when filling the lanes on the wing

-Finishes well with both hands

-Can adjust mid-air to contests at the rim and still finish

-Can get too deep into the defense on drives, leads to blocks

-Doesn't have much of a floater but one could make him a lethal finisher in the half court 

-Can fall in love with his dribble and stop the ball at times but has shown significant improvement from a year ago

-Utilizes a quick first step and an assortment of crossovers to generate separation 

-Comfortable driving to either hand

-Can be turnover prone when he isolates

-Improved shooter out to NBA range

-Capable in spot up situations  as well as off the dribble pull ups

-Slow release on his set shot with a low release point

-Rarely takes long 2s, struggles with them

-Looks to get to the rim when he attacks a closeout, hasn't really shown the one dribble pull up in his game

-Likes to get into the middle of the lane and pull up for a short jumper

-Doesn't have a great awareness of how he effects spacing

-Very good PNR creator for himself, growing as a creator for others 

-Doesn't run his man into screens consistently

-Prefers to operate out of high PNR but works well on the left side of the floor as well, struggles on the right side

-Capable of finding the roll man and the pop man when coming off the screen


-Competitive defender, willingly takes the best guard as an assignment

-Good lateral movement, beats his man to the spot

-Stays with the play even when beat

-Gets a good contest on off the dribble shots

-Works hard in ball denial and knows when he can shoot the gap

-Fights through ball screens and doesn't stop when they land solidly

-Can be a bit lackadaisical in his off ball defense, tends to overrotate towards the ball

-Stands too upright which limits his readiness to shift as the ball moves

-Can lose sight of man and/or ball

-Closes out hard on spot up shooters but is susceptible to ball fake and drives 

-Does a very good job staying connected to shooters navigating off ball screens

-Good defensive rebounder for his size, tracks the ball outside of his zone

MARCH 30, 2017

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