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BIRTHDATE: 4/13/95

POSITION: Combo Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 235 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Valparaiso

CLASS: Senior


*Average height and length for an NBA PF

*Below average athlete, only finishes above the rim when wide open

*Despite playing below the rim, solid finisher around the basket

*Soft hands, has good touch and catches passes on the move in traffic

*Does struggle some vs length but draws contact at a good rate

*Fills lane correctly in transition, looks to spot up/trail as opposed to rim running

*Has some ability to grab rebounds and lead the break, looks to get to the rim in those situations

*Decent ballhandler for his size and solid decision maker in the open floor

*Shows flashes of good vision

*Very good shooter out to NBA range, knockdown when open

*Highly effective as a standstill spot up shooter

 *Also able to quickly set his feet and fire coming on screens/pin downs

*Fluid, consistent mechanics on his shot with a high release point

*Good at making little shifts on the perimeter off the ball to create separation from ball denial

*Will struggle attacking closeouts vs NBA defenders

*More of a PNP artist than a roll man

*Good footwork on his pop, creates good separation and sets his feet quickly 

*Inconsistent with his screen contact

*Recognizes when a wing switches onto him and seals the smaller defender

*Cuts backdoor on ball watchers

*Competes for post position but doesn’t have the strength to consistently establish good position

*Most effective turning his left shoulder on the left block to either a short jump shot or a shot at the rim

*Struggles to deal with length in his face up game

*Excellent when he flashes to the middle and uses a post pin to seal his defender for an easy shot

*Could really use a consistent hook shot so he could use his body to shield the ball

*Recognizes when and where the help is coming from

*Good passer out of the post. Can find cross court shooters

*Competes on the offensive glass within his zone and does well to finish the play


*Doesn’t have the physical tools to be a good NBA defender but competes 
*High IQ, High motor defender

*Limited lateral quickness but takes good angles that help compensate, still can be a liability in space

*Gives a big cushion but works to contest pull up jumpers

*Establishes good help defense positioning, sees man and ball

*Gets drawn towards the rim when the ball is there, susceptible to kick outs

*Closes out hard with his hands up, can be ball faked out of the play

*Doesn’t have a strong base in post defense

*Can be pushed around by stronger players

*Players with good length can shoot over the top without much issue

*Tries to hedge the PNR but is slow to recover to popping bigs

*Shows signs he’s able to play with some verticality and stay out of foul trouble but becomes a stationary object when he does

*Fights to get through on and off ball screens

Alec Peters is an intriguing prospect out of Valpo. He's a good shooter with a quick release. He's really comfortable operating out of the midpost where he can face up. His calling card in the league is going to be as a stretch 4. Though he's not an athlete, he's a good positional rebounder. He put up solid numbers against Kentucky and Oregon in non conference games (23.5 ppg 5.5 rebounds)


As stated previously, he's not wowing you with his athleticism. Is he going to be able to defend small ball 4's? While he had great rebounding numbers, those numbers dropped significantly against power 5 schools. 


Good shooter with a quick release 

Good face up game. 

Prefers to operate out of the post but can face up 

Active on the glass



Not wowing you with his athleticism 

Will he able to defend the PNR


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