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BIRTHDATE: 7/19/03

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'6"


SCHOOL/ TEAM: Barcelona (Spain)

CLASS: International 




  • Big guard; Can play both backcourt spots 

  • Super confident player; Has some flash and flare to his game

  • Good shooting stroke and promise as a shooter

  • Comfortable shooting off movement 

  • Capable pull up shooter off the dribble

  • Good decision maker; manages the game well

  • Plays with great pace and poise

  • Court vision and passing instincts; whips passes across floor

  • Makes live dribble reads

  •  Toughness and competitive fire

  • Impactful off bench in Adidas NGT title game


  • Super skinny and will need to get stronger

  • Improving as a shot creator

  • Finishing around rim though traffic

  • Lacks strength 

Rafael Barlowe - November 1, 2021

Draft Projection


Background and Notable Stats

I do not currently know about Agustín Ubal's family history, but there are some problems with her contract. Ubal was transferred to Barcelona eight months ago. Ubal, who was transferred to Barça under the guidance of Thomas Heurtel, was playing in Malvin in Uruguay. Malvin appealed to FIBA ​​five weeks ago, "Agustín Ubal and Barcelona agreed without our consent". 

Officials in Malvin state that the article "A player cannot be an international transfer before the age of 18 cannot be excepted before the age of 18" in the FIBA ​​Secretariat. According to the information I received from an Uruguayan journalist, Malvin's aim in making this objection is to earn money from Ubal's transfer.

Augustin Ubal is one of the best players at the FIBA U16 Americas Championship Brazil 2019. 6-6 and 16 years old combo guard averaged 19.3 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.2 assists while shooting 51.6% from the court and 11.4 from the 3PT.


I love the mental war of this kid. Ubal never escapes the fight. Uruguayan does everything he can to lead his team to lead. 6-6 combo guard' motor is always active in the match. He uses his energy well. He is not an excellent leader in defense, but he can guide his friends. It is too early to speak, but Ubal may be one of the two leaders of the teams he will play in his career. I think Agustín has that mentality.

Physical Tools

I think this part is confusing. Ubal is only 16 years old, but has a physically good base for a guard. He has a good height, is mobile in the lower body and can transfer energy to the upper body from the lower body. But like many international prospects, Ubal is lacking in power. His arm muscles have developed over the past 1.5 years.


His development in this regard is impressive. He gained mobility in his lower body, especially during the transition, Ubal can make good use of hip mobility. However, his chest and core muscles are lack of power. In matches he plays against his classes, he can finish well around the basket, but he has a hard time doing so. Uruguayan spends his energy too much. Shoulder width is not bad. If I look from the NBA framework, Ubal reminds me of Brandon Ingram. He is not as thin as Ingram's 15-16-year-old but looks like Ingram in general base and power. I think 6-6 combo G can make great progress in a year or two. For example, Deni Avdija was very thin two years ago, but this year Deni, who is one of the top prospects for the 2020 NBA Draft, has an excellent size & frame.


I think Ubal can this development. But the confusing thing here is what will be his pure finishing ability if Ubal gains power. In other words, Ubal is a player who can make soft touches around the basket-rim and uses the ball completely mechanically. If he gains strength, he may lose something from this ability, and I think the "pure skill" that makes him valuable may decrease.


However, of course, he needs to gain physical strength to be able to fight at high levels in every sense. I love his athleticism. Explosive and fluent. He is not a dominant explosive athlete, but when he finds a drive space seconds, he can finish the position with a strong first step with a dunk. He has average reverse on the baseline. I think Agustín's fluency is more impressive. He knows how to beat his opponent, change direction while stepping. Defense athleticism is below average. I think there is an average vertical pop and low lateral quickness.


My favourite thing about his offense is PnR scoring and passing. Although inconsistent as a shooter from three-point line Agustín Ubal has the ability to hit shots off the bounce from midrange. He has shown the skills to shoot going top off a final dribble with either hand and finish in the paint well off the screen with either hand. I think he knows how to uses screen for going to the basket and find score. Specially, his first step as a handler scorer is impressive. Not too strong but Ubal's first step can change direction of his second step.


Solid PnR passer. In my opinion, Ubal is very comfortable finding the roller with pocker or lead or push passes and can kickout to the perimeter or baseline lines as well and one last thing about his PnR passing. Uruguayan combo guard does not impressive advanced reads but he does great job manipulating the defense with his eyes, ball fakes, and with his handle.


The part of my biggest question marks about his offense is shooting. Agustín Ubal is not a shooter you want to risk. As with the PnRs, I think there is a good mid-range shot. He can read the game well and he goes to the right spot and uses the shot. But things are changing in triplets. I started watching Ubal 17 months ago, and I haven't seen his three-point shots with consistency since then. He likes to use three-point shots (specially as a catch and shooter, decent CnS player but not has a good movement shooter skills for now) he has a shots mentality.


However, I think body balance, footwork and timing are not good in AU's shooting mechanism. Also, the lack of power is evident in three-point shots. Ubal, who will turn 17 on July 19, should be fluent in his shooting mechanism to become a better leader scorer on offense. I think he is great transition scorer. Ubal does good job reading the game for transition. After reading, he takes the ball from rebounder and running in the open floor with impressive quickness, can dribble with a good handle, uses the screen and finishes around the basket with is average vertical pop, soft touch and body balance.


Average ISO scorer. In my opinion, 6-6 combo guard is promising point forward for the NBA. I mean, his handle and body base are good for his age. I think he will be 6-8 by the age of 20. Thus, he will be point forward like Vit Krejci, Deni Avdija, Jaylen Brown etc. The most important plus here is his ability to change direction and pure skills in ISOs. Ubal knows how to go to the basket and take out the ball with good timing and sensitivity (2017 U14 the South American Championship of Maturin, Venezuela). I think this overcomes the shortcomings that he has physically, for NOW.


In my opinion, AU is high IQ team defender. As I said, he is not a major playmaker when things come to shooting the gap for steals or etc. but he does a good job playing positional defense when defending off ball and talks on defense. Ubal does pretty nice job digging on drivers and using his wingspan to create TOs. Can cover ground with quick reactions. He is usually looking to help without losing his man.


Promising rim protector. His size and lack of pop limits hurt him here as a rim protector. However, he did a solid job contesting on ball paint shots. Also reads the positions well, takes his position and blocks with timing and IQ. I mean, he is not a "monster F" rim protector but I think his game IQ works on that. Bad ISO and on ball defender.


He has quick hips, quick feet, quick hands but cannot use these skills for on ball and ISO defenses. He can stay solid in front of his opponent but is not good at stealing the ball. Not good at closing the opponent's drive zone. Sometimes he is distracted and can make mistakes in seconds. Since he is not fast in defense laterally, Ubal cannot use his size&frame (base, height and wingspan) advantages well. AU is a good off ball defender. He does a good job getting through screens and getting back into the play.


Good technique through screens. Smart with the angles he takes. Although physically fit for positional defense, he is not a good switch defender because he is lack of strength for now. Solid PnR defender. AU is a great job using his length to take away passing lanes and make the ballhandler uncomfortable. In my opinion, ISO defense cons like timing and motor are not the same for PnR.


I think here we can go to a clear conclusion about AU's game mentality. Ubal is effective when the action is plentiful, both on offense and defense. I think he throws his best passes in double team zones at PnRs.


I think his ability to pursue a man while protecting rim, fighting with screens on off ball defense, finishing in the traffic, transition speed, smooth athleticism shows that he is effective in action.

My major questions?

Will he consistency the shooting mechanism?

Will he gain power?

Will he can remain productive while sharing high levels of leadership?


Agustín Ubal is a talented and good leader. It is not right to draw a clear profile right now, but I think he can be one of the top players of the higher levels if he gains strength and can shot with consistency.

Kuzey Kiliç - July 8, 2020

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