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BIRTHDATE: 11/25/00

POSITION: Power Guard

HEIGHT: 6'4"

WEIGHT: 235 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Iowa State

CLASS: Freshman

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  • Strong, physically imposing guard with a muscular frame but with light feet, fluidity and agility

  • Reportedly has a 7'1" wingspan

  • Advanced shifty ball handler; Very good at changing pace and directions

  • Good court vision and feel for the game

  • Versatility; Has the unique frame and skill set that allows him to play 1-4

  • Has a flare and flash to his game with his ball handling and passing

  • Can post smaller guards; Good footwork in the post

  • Good rebounder from guard spot

  • Defensively versatility

  • Love reverse layups and using the rim to avoid shot blockers


  • NBA fit. Would thrive in the right situation but could be lost in the wrong situation

  • Lacks athleticism, pop, burst and explosion

  • Below the rim finisher and misses a lot of layups

  • Not an efficient shooter from the field, 3 point line or free throw line

  • Tendency to play out of control

  • Picks up offensive fouls when trying to bully/over power his way to the rim

  • Must add a floater to his game (ex. Jalen Brunson)

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