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BIRTHDATE: 4/28/99

POSITION: Small Forward

HEIGHT: 6'9"

WEIGHT: 215 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Stanford

CLASS: Sophomore

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  • Hybrid 3/4 in today's NBA

  • Excellent physical tools and wingspan

  • Good upside with his versatility

  • Solid spot up shooter from 3

  • Attacks closeouts

  • Soft touch around the rim. Uses non dunk finishes

  • Has a nice floater that he relies on to avoid shot blockers

  • Good passing instincts; Can make plays for others

  • Runs the floor in transition

  • Can make good decisions on the move

  • Good but not great athlete

  • Drives in both directions

  • Good ball handler at 6'9"

  • Grab & Go potential

  • Can serve as a secondary playmaker in some lineups


  • Lacks elite pop, explosion burst and quickness

  • Turnover prone

  • Mostly a straight line driver

  • Better at attacking a closeout than creating one on one

  • Has a tendency to struggle 

  • Free throw shooting

  • Misses a lot of bunnies at the rim; Struggles vs length and shot blockers

  • Low release on shot

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