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BIRTHDATE: 6/18/98

POSITION: Combo Guard 

HEIGHT: 6'5"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Mega Leks (Serbia)

NATIONALITY: German/Belgium


Court Vision/Passing -  Very good court vision and play making skills out of pick & roll. Loves to throw highlight passes

Athleticism - Not a freak athlete, but very fluid and agile

Wingspan - 7 ft wingspan

Creativity - Crafty scorer with an advanced handle knows how to use his body

Ball handling - Advanced handle that allows him to get to his spots

Feel for game - Plays at a nice pace, changes speeds.


Shot selection - Settles for too many long jumpers and 3's; Does not always attack

Shooting - Streaky shooter at best

Position - Not really point guard but is best when he has the ball in his hands.

Burst - Lacks quick burst and pop; Does not possess a great first step

Turnover prone -  Tendency to play out of control


Kostja Mushidi is one of my favorite European prospects for the 2018 NBA draft and could sneak into the 1st round on some teams draft boards. Mushidi is a combo guard who excels at creating off the dribble and would be best used as a secondary ball handler. His skill set fits perfectly in today's NBA due to his versatility as passer and shooter on offense and his massive 7'0 wingspan on the defensive end of the floor.. Offensively Mushidi has a nice feel for the game along with good passing instincts and court vision. He loves to make the flashy highlight pass which can lead to unforced turnovers and he has a tendency to settle for long jumpers or 3's. When aggressive, Mushidi is a threat as playmaker who can beat you slashing to the rim or by breaking down the defense and creating for others. While he lacks great burst and a quick first step he more than makes up for it with his ball handling and has an array of shots he uses around the rim to avoid shot blockers. He's nowhere near the scorer as Paul Pierce, but his frame, the way he moves and how he plays at his own pace reminds me a lot of Pierce. 

In order to move up draft boards Mushidi will have to show improvement in his 3 point shooting and shot selection. 





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