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POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'8"

WEIGHT: 225 lbs


CLASS: Junior


*Good size and decent length for an NBA 4

*Strong with a frame that will continue to fill out 

*Explosive athlete who moves his feet very well

*Devastating transition scorer

*Runs the break hard and fills the lanes properly to maintain spacing

*Likes to get out on the right wing

*Capable of running the break himself, happens most often when he starts the break with his defense

*Average ballhandler in the open floor, able to get by a defender and finish, often with a dunk

*Shaky ballhandler in the half court. Looks to use his first step to get by players. 

*Susceptible to traveling and turning the ball over when asked to create off the dribble

*Smart cutter who gets behind the defense and steps into a passing lane when the defense shifts

*Lob threat in transition and the halfcourt

*Much more effective on basket cuts than when he flashes to the middle

*Aggressively seeks out offensive rebounds in and outside of his zone

*Quick second jump when following his own shot

*Draws fouls at a high rate on the offensive glass

*Makes solid contact on his on/off ball screens 

*Used primarily as a roll man as opposed to picking and popping

*A good finishing roll man when he can get all the way to the rim

*Turnover prone, especially on the short roll where he has to create his own shot or look to pass

*Reluctant jump shooter, 1/3 of his jump shots  come at the end of the clock

*Slow shooting motion with solid upper body mechanics and a high release point

*Does show some touch on jumpers inside 15 feet

*Foot placement on his jumper is inconsistent

*Looks to drive to the rim when he gets the ball on the perimeter

*Drives to either hand with equal frequency but is more effective going to his left

*His passing on the move/ drive and kicks is erratic

*Doesn't work to establish deep post position 

*Rudimentary post moves but effective, able to turn both shoulders on either block

*Soft touch on his jump hook

*Has the speed and enough handle to be a face up threat

*Much better passer out of the post vs when he's on the perimeter


*Strong physical profile with the tools to be a swiss army knife defender

*Moves his feet very well, has the quickness to competently defend guards on the switch

*Takes good angles but can be blown by when he applies too much pressure on the perimeter

*When he gives the proper cushion, gets a good contest vs guards on the pull up

*Stays on the ball handler’s hip and is a block threat as he trails the play

*Quick hands for deflections

*When guarding off ball screeners, he overhelps to the man coming off the screen.

*Susceptible to quick hitting plays immediately after a screen is set

*Can lose track of his man when he’s spotting up in the corner, will turn his body towards the ball for too long without checking on his man

*Competes for post position, plays physically

*Can be sealed by big, strong post players but not without a fight

*Has the quickness to defend the face up

*Very quick leaper which helps him contest, alter, block shots in post defense

*Sinks when guarding the PNR although he has the quickness to hedge

*Late to PNP shooters

*Played the middle of the zone often, adept at shifting around the paint to provide help

*Strong shot blocker, on ball and coming from the weakside

Jordan Bell is a rim protector if nothing else. His presence in the paint was alarming as a KU player shot an air ball at the sight of Bell coming from the weak side. He's very active on the offensive glass. Offensively, he projects to be a 5 as he's pretty limited outside of the paint. 


While he plays like a 5, I don't think he has the physique to bang in the NBA. He's going to have to develop some sort of mid range jumper at the least. Does he have the foot speed to defend on the perimeter?




Kind of Athletic 4

Back to the basket

Runs the floor

Decent footwork

Active on the offensive glass

GREAT shot blocker 




Can he face up?

Can he pop?

He's athletic but he isn't an out of this world athlete so he can't play the 5

Lateral quickness is in question 

Short strides when he runs and isn't very good at defending on the perimeter 


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