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BIRTHDATE: 7/26/96

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'0"

WEIGHT: 185 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Oklahoma State

CLASS: Sophomore


*Undersized guard with decent length arms

*Increasingly strong frame, plays tough

*Good but not great athlete, very quick in the open floor

*Advanced ballhandler, able to navigate traffic in the open floor and the halfcourt

*Able to upshift and downshift comfortably as well as create separation for his pull up jumper

*Aggressive driver to the basket, likes to go left

*Struggles finishing at the rim despite having soft touch with his size and athleticism, length and contact bothers him

*Should initiate contact more, so he has more control of where he goes in traffic instead of trying to avoid contact and taking away his angles at the rim 

*Draws fouls at a good rate

*Good floater package which helps mitigate his struggles at the basket

*Above average shooter from 3, below average from midrange

*Most of his jump shots come off the dribble, good pull up game

*Doesn't always square his shoulders on catch and shoots, but very effective when open

*Low release point on his jumper and has a habit of shooting on the way down which leads to shots falling short

*Rarely works off ball but shows the ability to catch and shoot coming off screens

*Adept at using dribble hand offs to create separation

*Excels as a PNR ballhandler, especially high PNR and right side PNR 

*Runs his man into screens well and knows when to deny screen

*Likes to pull up from 3 or deep 2 when coming off a ball screen

*Also likes get into the middle of the defense and use his floater or kick out to a shooter

*Good timing on his PNP passes

*Can pass with both hands but his size limits his vision for cross court passes

*Able to find the roll man in traffic and hits him in stride 

*Good vision in transition, doesn't force passes

*Average finisher on the break


*Competitive defender on ball who doesn't take plays off

*Really struggles in isolation

*Overreactive to crossovers and has trouble with quick first steps

*Tries to stay on the ballhandlers hip but doesn't pose much threat on the contest once beat

*Players shoot over him without much issue

*Foul prone when guarding in space

*Can be caught ball watching and targeted for back door cuts

*Get hung up on off ball screens making him late to closeout

*Struggles to transition from breaking down for the close out to defending the ballhandler 

*Fights hard through ball screens

*Quick, active hands 

Jawun Evans came back for his sophomore year and has been excellent. He showed last year as a freshman he could run the PNR and make every pass you needed him to. I like how he's crafty around the basket in terms of floaters and shoot wrong foot layups off of the scoop. He seems to have a very good feel for when to score and when to pass. He's not the quickest guy but he does get after it on defense. 


Luckily for Evans, he ran a lot of high PNR as a freshman. This season, he's not running anything resembling an NBA offense so it can be hard to gauge what he will be able to do. Evans really won't wow you with his credit hard hops but he does have the ball on a string. I question whether he has the footspeed to be a starting NBA PG and will he be able to finish against in the paint consistently. 

He's been getting a lot of Chris Paul comparisons but he really isn't the same caliber athlete Paul was coming out of college. I see more Raymond Felton than anything else which still isn't a bad thing. 



Very good in PNR

Great vision

Crafty around the basket

Uses wrong foot layups and floaters

Mixes scoring and passing 

Plays at his own speed

Pesky defender



Current system makes it kind of hard to evaluate his game. 

Won't wow you with his athleticism 

Lack of foot speed

Will he be able to finish in the paint in the league?

Unfairly draws Chris Paul comparisons but isn't the same caliber athlete CP3 was pre  injury 

Looks more Raymond Felton than CP3


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