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BIRTHDATE: 4/23/98

POSITION: Power Forward

HEIGHT: 6'11"

WEIGHT: 222 lbs


CLASS: Freshman


*Great height and length for an NBA PF

*Thin frame

*Good athlete that is very fluid

*Soft hands catching the ball on the move

*Plays above the rim easily but struggles finishing in the paint when it’s not a dunk

*Establishes post position and excels on duck-ins

*Can be late recognizing the help which causes some turnovers

*Almost always turns the right shoulder

*Sees the crosscourt shooter while posting up

*Can beat most bigs off the dribble with his first step

*Turnover prone when dribbling on the perimeter

*Inconsistent with his contact on screens

*Doesn’t have much of a midrange jumper

*Has a low release point on his shot


*Moves feet very well on the perimeter

*Can hedge and recover and is competent on the switch

*Has good timing on his block and steal attempts

*Takes up good help defense positioning

*Gets out to shooters quickly for the closeout and finishes those plays with a box out

*When opponents attack the closeout, he has the quickness to stick with them and contest the shot

*Keeps hands up when guarding the post, utilizing his length

*Has good footwork in post defense but his lack of strength means he can be pushed around a bit

*Has the speed to smother face ups

Giles is in my opinion the biggest wild card in the draft. Once considered a candidate to go #1 in 2017 NBA Draft, Giles has seen his stock drop due to his multiple knee surgeries with the latest coming right before the start of his freshman season.


In Giles limited minutes you both saw the flashes that made him a highly regarded prospect and you also saw reasons to be concerned. Giles often looked tentative and lacked the explosiveness he displayed in high school before the injuries.


When he was on the floor Giles displayed a nice touch around the rim with both hands while being active on the glass. He moved off the ball and showed potential as a good cutter and pick and pop 4. Giles also showed the ability to score from both blocks off either shoulder and a nice jump hook. 


In the half court Giles looks to establish low post position and works hard without the ball. Due to lack of explosiveness he misses a lot of bunnies and looks to get a lot of tip ins. I believe if healthy a lot of this tip shots will turn into dunks.


It’s hard to really gage where he’s health wise because he played limited minutes. I’d like to see him run the floor better but that should come with confidence and trusting his body.


If I’m a GM of a team multiple first round picks I’d take a chance on Giles late in first round. I believe a season in the D-League will be really helpful because at this point he just needs to play.

Harry Giles even with the knee injuries has a motor. He has very good mobility out of PNR and he runs the floor in transition. He's still a very good athlete with good touch and good mechanics on his jumper. He looked really comfortable shooting a short corner jump shot from about 17 feet. You can see why he was so highly thought of coming out of high school. 


The knee injuries are scary. It's good that he plays without fear and isn't afraid to mix it up. His timing still looks like its kind of off due to him not playing a lot of basketball the past few seasons. Due to the rust, he takes a lot of difficult shots. I wish we saw somewhat of a face up game. He drops a lot of juggles a lot of passes in traffic. He'd easily be a top 5 pick if he didn't have the knee problems. 





Good touch and shooting mechanics 




Bad knees

Shot selection 

Questionable hands

Timing is way off


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