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BIRTHDATE: 10/2/95

POSITION: Point Guard

HEIGHT: 6'1"

WEIGHT: 180 lbs

SCHOOL/ TEAM: Florida Gulf Coast

CLASS: Senior


Scoring ability - Averaged 18 ppg on 51.2% FG as a junior

Finishing - Excellent finisher who can go to either hand and is still efficient when navigating traffic in transition or the half court

Attacking the rim - Consistently initiates contact to create separation and draw fouls. He also has a developed floater package.

Pick & Roll - Good at setting his man up to hit the screen; Attacks each level of the defense efficiently when in the middle of the floor.

Shooting - He prefers to get into the paint but his off the dribble shooting is best when working in high P&R

Catch & Shoot - Good catch and shoot spot up shooter out to the NBA 3; Has good lift on his shot and generally has a high release point. 

IQ - Moves well around the perimeter to maintain spacing

Attacking close outs - He is very dangerous as an attacker if the defender closes out on him recklessly.

Passing -  Capable of coming off the screen, collapsing the defense and finding the weakside shooter; There have been flashes of ability to hit the roll man in traffic but he's usually operating in pick and pops.


Shooting off the dribble - Unless he's coming off a screen, his off the dribble shots are highly contested 

Creating space - More comfortable using his handle to get by a defender than creating separation for a pull up jump shot

On ball defense - Despite his foot speed, Goodwin is a bit slow vs a ballhandler's initial move in space and gives up straight line drives

Defense - He does try to stay on the ballhandler's hip when he gets beat but doesn't offer much resistance if they get into the paint.

Size - Taller guards can shoot over him and he tends to get caught flat footed vs stare down jumpers.

Effort - He gives an inconsistent effort defending the PNR and dies on screens too often. A good screen can take him completely out of the play


Florida Gulf Coast point guard Brandon Goodwin quietly went from unknown to NBA prospect during a strong junior season in which he lead FGCU to the NCAA Tournament and was voted Atlantic Sun All-Conference First Team. Goodwin averaged 18 ppg, 4 assists and 4 rebounds per game and shot over 50% from the floor and 35% from 3. If Goodwin can duplicate or even improve on his junior season totals, he has a chance to hear his name called on draft day next June.

Standing at 6'1" 180, Goodwin is considered small for NBA standards, but what he likes in height and bulk he more than makes up for it with his heart, speed and toughness. The Central Florida transfer gave Florida State which featured NBA draft picks Jonathan Isaac and Dwayne Bacon all they could handle in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament. One on particular play, Goodwin attempted to put the 6'10" Isaac on a poster and all over ESPN highlights. 

On the college level Goodwin is a 3 level scorer that finishes at the rim with both hands, shoots the pull up jumper and looks comfortable shooting from NBA range. Despite his lack of size, he's a fearless slasher and loves to attack the rim which was evident by his 5 free throw attempts per game. In an era where most guards can only drive to the rim and shoot from deep, Goodwin has a refined pull up jumper and floater package to count on when the lane is packed. Goodwin shot 26% from 3 in his last season at Central Florida and improved his 3FG% nearly 10 points his junior season. He possesses a nice, quick trigger shooting stroke with good elevation and a high release point with range that extends to the NBA 3 point line. 

Scoring is Goodwin's bread and butter, but he's an a capable passer who nearly posted a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio and is a very good rebounder for his size. 

I personally I'm a fan of Goodwin's game as it appears his game was built on the playground as opposed to a gym on a shooting gun while dribbling around cones. He has the creativity I love to see in point guards and the heart, confidence and toughness that is developed on the blacktops. 

Going into his senior season, I'd like to see Goodwin improve his effort as a defender and continue to make strides as a playmaker. 



Here is a breakdown of Goodwin's possessions over the 2016-17 season


A bit undersized but with a good wingspan...Above average athlete who is very quick in the open floor....Excellent finisher who can go to either hand...Finishes very well in traffic...Consistently initiates contact to create separation/draw fouls...Has a nice floater package

Shifts gears to find space to attack or pass ...Draws fouls at a solid rate....Good decision-maker in transition, relentless attacker

Especially dangerous when he gets the ball on the right wing on the break, both shooting from 3 and attacking the rim

Effective PNR ballhandler, especially in High PNR....Does a good job running his man into the screen to create separation

Efficient attacking all levels when in the middle of the floor but loves to get into the paint...Goes away from the pick about 1/4 of the time but his effectiveness drops off considerably when he does so....Has flashed the ability to hit a roll man in traffic but is mostly operating as the ballhandler in  pick and pops...Capable of collapsing the defense and hitting shooters across the court...Drives to his right more when in Iso but is equally effective going to either hand....Better at using his handle to get past a defender than creating space for a pull up jump shot

Unless coming off a screen, his off the dribble shots are highly contested...Ends up leaning or fading to get space and it affects his efficiency on these shots...Willing to give up the ball, work off ball and get it back....Moves well around the perimeter off ball to maintain spacing

Good catch and shoot shooter out to NBA 3 point range....Gets good lift on his shot and generally has a high release point

His mechanics shift when contested, tends to short arm his release and not fully square up to the basket...Very dangerous attacking closeouts 

Gets into the paint vs shifting defenses and finishes with layups/runners...Doesn't really have the rip through dribble pull up in his game

If he can't get into the lane, he will pass out and reset...Rarely ran through off ball screens but shows ability to set his man up to hit the screen then catch and square or attack the rim




Despite his foot speed, he's a bit slow vs a ballhandler's initial move in space...Gives up straight line drives...Stays on the ballhandler's hip when he gets beat but doesn't offer much resistance if they get into the paint..Contests pull up jump shots but gets caught flat footed vs stare down jumpers...Taller guards shoot over him...Maintains good help defense positioning...Recovers well to spot up shooters 

Breaks down smoothly to defend a shooter attacking his closeout...Inconsistent effort defending the PNR;;;Dies on the screen far too often

A good screen can take him completely out of the play..When he can get through the screen and force a jump shot, he does a good job contesting

Generally does a good job chasing down shooters in off ball action but can get really caught up on screens

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